How, why and where does Aloe Vera Gel work and can it help you?

I believe drinking aloe vera gel is very benefical to general health, but if you are considering drinking it for one particular medical problem then please read this page carefully first, as aloe vera can only help in quite specific areas.

I also need to stress that the properties I discuss here are only present in the inner gel from an aloe leaf that is harvested by hand, these leaves are taken from the outer leaves of a mature 4 year old aloe plant. The gel includes the mucilage layer, the inner gel and a very little of the sap which gives safe levels but important amounts of anthraquinones, a substance that aids certain medical problems. (To find out more about the nutritional contents of aloe vera inner leaf gel click here..)

So..How does it work?

Dr Peter Atherton is one of the World Leaders in Aloe Vera. He has written a great, knowledgeable but easy reading book on Aloe Vera and it's medicinal uses called 'Aloe Vera the Medicine Plant'. I would really recommend reading this to find out more. If you are interested click here.

In his book he states that the abilities of aloe vera inner leaf gel lies in the synergistic action of the ingredients. This basically means that the combined effect of all the ingredients exceeds the sum of their individual effects.

Why does it work...?

Due to it's remarkable list of ingredients it has among others these major properties:

Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel is:

  • Anti fungal
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti viral
  • Anti inflammatory

which basically means it kills fungi, it can destroy, slow down or stop several (at least 6) different types of bacteria, and 4 different strains of the Herpes virus. (particularly Herpes Simplex - the virus that causes cold sores).

Other findings have shown that the gel (in high concentration) destroys organisms that tend to prevent the healing of damaged skin.

The anti inflammatory substances present can help with a number of different problems such as both rheumatoid and osteoarthritus. (To learn more about how aloe can help these click here.)

So where does it work....?

There are 2 areas that aloe gel can help:

Dr Atherton states that because of Aloe Vera's nutitional qualities and antioxidant properties, it helps firstly to prevent injury to epithelial tissues and when they are damaged it promotes healing.

An epithelium is definined as a layer of cells that covers the body or lines a cavity that connects with it.

So what areas or surfaces of the body have an epithelium and can benefit from aloe vera?

  • The skin
  • The lining of the gut
  • The lining of the sinuses, nose and throat
  • The lining of the bronchial tubes (the lungs)
  • The lining of the genital tract

The second area that aloe vera can have a major impact on is the immune system. I really noticed this when I started drinking aloe vera. Having been so poorly with my irritable bowel syndrome from a candida albicans infection , I am now hardly ever ill and if I do get a bug then it is gone much quicker than everyone around me.

As stated by Dr Atherton, those who drink aloe gel regularly, report a greater sense of well being. He believes that aloe vera helps the immune system become more balanced and aids the body in being more efficient at defending it's self.

The good news is that it is thought to be an immune modulator, which means that if your immune system is over reacting as is the case with asthma, eczema and rheumatoid arthritus it can calm down the reaction. However, if it is under active in cases like ME or post viral fatigue it can boost your immune system.

You really need to be aware that knowing which aloe vera to buy is really important. To find out more about which aloe vera to buy

click here. Please also feel free to contact me as I would love to chat to you to see if it could help your specific condition. I can then let you know what you might experience when you drink it and also how much to take. (although even if you are not unwell you will feel great taking it!)

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