Is the Candida Albicans Diet hard?

This question depends on 2 main things!

  1. What is your diet currently like!? Does it revolve around the foods that the candida love such asprocessed wheat and sugar based foods and alcohol?
  2. Are you used to cooking?

If the answer is yes to the first and no to the second then I am afraid that the candida diet will be hard to begin with. However, I have tried to put together some pages of helpful hints on what to eat and where to buy foods that make sticking to it a lot easier.

It will require will power though - particularly during the first month. When I started the diet I said to myself that I would try it for a month and see what happened. That gives you an end goal which doesn't seem too daunting.

So... where to start?

In simple terms the candida diet is cutting out everything that yeast and fungus love. They love anything that makes them grow! Very basically that means all sugars, gluten and fermented products.

That doesn't sound too bad until you look at everything that is vaguely processed and realise they all normally have sugar, wheat and cow's dairy (has lactose in it which is a sugar) in them.

The other problem is that your body is full of toxins and these need to be eliminated so the body can fight the candida and begin the healing process. However, there are natural things that you can do and take that can help that process.

The third issue is ourselves. Are you feeling lousy enough to go for it? You need to take responsibility for your own health. Getting well after having candida is not like taking a pill from the doctor... ie in 3 days you feel better. There will be many people that will not believe this will work and will actually try to dissuade you from doing this.

Please don't believe them!

Is it worth it? - definitely!

Everyone is different but it took me a month to get through the detox days and the die off after starting the diet, but then every day after that got better and better. By 3 months I was feeling better than I had in 3 years!

I believe the best way of looking at the process is Dr Jeffrey Blands simple 4 step programme as out lined in Jane McWhirter's book 'The practical Guide to Candida'

  1. Remove - the toxins

    - the yeast' food source

    - your individual food intolerances

    - and kill the yeasts

  2. Replace - the nutrients with fresh, whole foods and supplements
  3. Re-infest - the gut with friendly bacteria ie probiotics
  4. Repair - the damaged gut lining

There are stages you can take in the candida diet as it is difficult in the beginning. (I went the whole hog and was a difficult person to live with for about 3 - 4 weeks!)

You can start detoxing first and then begin the diet. The only thing with this is that you don't notice the positive effects on your bowel so much in the detox phase and the healing process will take longer.

If you have a major issue, for example, you are on the contraceptive pill or addicted to alcohol or nicotine then it is wise to get that sorted with proffessional help first (particularly alcohol as that is a main contributor to the growth of candida)

This is a good idea because combining coming off particularly nicotine or alcohol if you are addicted, with candida die off will be really difficult.

First get organised with:

  • Finding an independent Health Food Shop (You will not find most of the foods you need or the expert help from Chain Health Food shops)
  • A good practitioner if you can afford one
  • Write out a candida diet plan of what you will eat for the first 2 weeks for each meal (Look at the foods to avoid and alternitives page ) and find some snacks you can eat that are enjoyable! So you can eat these out when you are hungry.
  • Take into account when you are starting your diet (a weekend is probably best) and what facilities you have at work for preparing food. For example do you have access to a fridge or microwave as these can make life a lot easier.
  • Check out your local supermarkets 'Free From' section to see what is available. They have got much better in recent years in the UK.
  • Getting Started....

    1. sort out the difficult issues mentioned above if you need to.
    2. For a week detox to eliminate all the toxins before starting your candida diet plan (unless you want to do it all at once)
    3. During that week go shopping for all the food you think you will need for the first week of your diet plan
    4. Set the day to start and then take each day at a time and get through it one step at a time.

    Continue the diet for a month, you can look at other supplements such as probiotics, aloe vera and naturally occurring antifungal foods to help you speed up the process. When you read the list of foods to eliminate it will sound as though the is nothing left to eat - most people, when I started to explain what I had and what I couldn't eat, their immeadiate reaction was what do you eat?

    But don't worry, there are plenty of alternatives and you do get better at cooking, and cooking in bulk so that you freeze some for quick and easy days!

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